The Latest Contemporary Seating & Energy-efficient LED Lighting for Bars

In today’s blog post, we have teamed up with Sandler Seating, a leader in contract furniture to discuss recommendations on how to style a bar interior with the latest contemporary bar seating and energy-efficient LED lighting.

About Sandler Seating:

Sandler Seating, was founded in London in 1982 by Roy Sandler as an offshoot of Sandler Upholsterers, a family business specialising in custom upholstery which was itself founded in 1946. In 1989 Sandler Seating began to distribute Italian designed furniture for the restaurant, hospitality and contract markets and soon became a leading player in the US and UK contract furniture markets. Their clients include well-known brands such as Microsoft, Netflix, Google and Hilton Hotels & Resorts among many more.

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Seating That Suits You

Designing a bar to complement your business can do wonders for enhancing your customer’s experience. When it comes to seating, there are a wide range of chairs, stools and sofas available to serve as a statement piece or to balance an overall look. Whether you are wishing to emulate classic or modern design, the right selection of seating can help you to achieve your desired atmosphere effortlessly.

Upholstered or leather seating with vintage appeal, instantly injects charm into modern spaces. Plus, wooden frames with stained and aged detailing add personalised tones to your bar that promise to survive fading fashions. On the other hand, if you are looking to channel current trends with bolder furniture, a classically designed setting can be an ideal and safe environment to do this. Unique barstools and chairs, allow a neutrally designed bar to express personality, without causing other elements of the interior to clash.



Dimmability, a Must for Bars

Traditional filament lights appear to be the most current lighting design trend found in the majority of bars throughout the UK. Whether you’re visiting a bar socially or alone, the lighting needs to set the mood, enticing you to stay and encouraging you to return again soon. To enhance the lighting within a bar, we recommend swapping these traditional filament lights to dimmable LED filament lights which provide the same vintage appeal along with longer lifespans and energy-saving properties, too.

Bright Goods Line Up

Dimmable lighting allows you to have complete control – you can dim the lighting down in the evenings to create a more intimate mood within your bar and you can increase the brightness levels too. The flexibility of controlling your space is desirable amongst bar owners who want their bar to stand out from the crowd.

Albert's Schloss-13
Creating a Buzz at Cavo Tango Cocktail Bar

The Cavo Tango Cocktail Bar in Lalyssos, Rhodes is but one of the locations where our Uni collection helps to create an electric atmosphere for day and nighttime guests. The bar chose our Uni barstools due to their striking quilted-effect design which additionally promises durability for years of commercial use.

Cavo Tango Coctail Bar Ialyssos Rhodes2 (2)

Uni’s polypropylene seats have met national strength tests, gifting bars and restaurants with fun-loving seating that can withstand regular customer use. Whilst the barstools are available in a range of vibrant shades, The Cavo Tango Cocktail Bar has chosen white to produce an effective contrast against the bar’s colourful lighting display.


Cavo Tango Coctail Bar Ialyssos Rhodes(4) Cavo Tango Coctail Bar Ialyssos Rhodes(3)


It’s all About the Atmosphere at Albert’s Schloss

Manchester’s newest beerhall, Albert’s Schloss, is one of the many bars that has chosen Bright Goods LED filament lighting to recreate the atmosphere of a traditional Bavarian Schloss. Chosen by Albert’s Schloss’ lighting designer, ‘the Josephine’, a 4W GLS and ‘the George’, a 6W maxi globe LED filament lights were introduced throughout the bar, lounge and dining areas in a stunning copper pipework installation. The LED filament lights are on full illumination during the day, but during the evenings, the lights are dimmed down to provide that familiar, warm glow associated with traditional filament lighting.

Bright Goods LED filament lamps Josephine in Albert's Schloss

The warmth from the the George, featuring a unique lattice LED filament and the Josephine, featuring a crown shaped LED filament, complements the interior’s copper and wood tones, creating the desired ambience the owners of Albert’s Schloss desired. Albert’s Schloss’ lighting designer commented, “Albert’s Schloss owners were blown away with what we were able to achieve – a customer experience that’s second to none. In fact, I now use Albert’s Schloss to demonstrate to other clients what we can achieve with LED filament lamps.”

Both Josephine and George are amongst the most popular and best-selling models from the Bright Goods range and have provided excellent illumination to capture the magic, the mood and the moment at Albert’s Schloss.

Bright Goods LED filament Josephine light bulbs in Albert's Schloss bar pubBright Goods LED filament Josephine light bulbs in Albert's Schloss bar pub lounge area