A Guide to Country Living

The first thing I think of when ‘Country Living’ comes to mind is a beautiful lodge/cabin, with a cosy fireplace, complete with beautiful views of woodland. However accurate my interpretation/vision of this scene may be, we all know that unless we are extremely lucky to own a home like this, this may not be the case for most of us. From my latest interior design research, I will discuss how to achieve the country living look which can be applied to all homes.

There seems to be two design routes to choose when recreating a Country Living theme. The options include interiors which are:

  • Rich in bold, dark colours
  • Neutral colours

Both of these themes offer two completely different looks to your home – the first option blends dark, rich colours with the natural, mahogany/wood interior. Whilst the second offers a cleaner, brighter look to your home making it look spacious and modern.

Styling in accordance with these two options really depends on how what your ‘vision’ is for your lodge.  Both styles will showcase your lodge beautifully and as I like both, I will run through some of the latest interior design tips so that your lodge is in style this season.

lodge interior

Start Designing Now!

First things first, let’s get the furniture right. You should choose furniture pieces which are a couple of shades lighter than your wooden floors. Why?, because the dark, concentrated colour from the floor will blend into the lighter coloured furniture, making it less dramatic and synced. If you were to add furniture which was darker than the flooring, then the room would be very dark and would not show the different tones from the wood.

Furniture Piece Option One: rich in bold, dark colours Option Two: neutral colours
Colours (to be applied to the furniture pieces below)
  • Furniture should be 2-3 shades lighter than the flooring (try mid-browns if you have very dark floors and try lighter browns if you have mid-brown floors).
  • Doesn’t matter on the flooring colour, try beiges, greys and creams which will really lift your space giving it a more contemporary feel.
Settees / Sofas / Couches / Seating
  • Nothing screams country and comfort at the same time than a Chesterfield Sofa. They are extremely luxurious, stylish and evoke vintage, making them the perfect sofa for your Country Living space. Ideal for sitting and relaxing!


  • Matching arm chairs will also complete this look. Don’t forget the footstool!
  • Recommendations: Forest Sofa sell a range of leather, Chesterfield sofas which are ideal for this application, see the range here
  • Cabriole sofas are perfect for this room arrangement. Not only are they luxurious, they are ideal to relax on.
  • Pick a sofa with a similar upholstery colour to the room. Picking a sofa that is a couple of shades darker will provide a perfect contrast.
  • Recommendations: this soft grey cabriole sofa (see here) from Woodpecker Interiors offers that sense of comfort and sophistication.

cab sofa

Coffee Table
  • A coffee table is essential for those afternoon teas!


  • Recommendations: this style of coffee table is great looking (see here) – simple yet classy at the same time. Find a style that suits your space and complements the colour interior.
  • As the furniture and flooring is rich in colour and dark, a natural coloured rug with a slightly darker print would suit your room.



  • Recommendations: try this natural rug (see here) with red accents from John Lewis. The red will bring out the natural shades of the wood furniture and you will be surprised how this rug will complement the room perfectly.
  • As the rest of the décor is light, it is perfectly acceptable to introduce a contrasting colour e.g. marine blue to this space – make it match the cushions for that ultimate ‘look’.
  • Other colours which will complement the furniture colour theme (beige/cream/grey) include lilacs, oranges and greens.

blue rug

  • Recommendations: If you prefer the subtle option, this rug from Modern Rugs (see here) creates the perfect balance, combining natural shade with blues.
  • A typical find in most country homes is that familiar ‘antler’ look. Whether they feature by themselves as a statement piece of the wall or combined with lighting, they still give that authentic look to the country home.
  • Recommendations: 


  • Chandelier: Inspiring, authentic and charming – WayFair’s antler chandelier is the perfect statement piece for your main country room (see here). Suspended from a rustic chain, the five lamp shades are fixed to the antler base.

elizabeth bright goods led filament light bulb candle

  •  Match this chandelier with our filament LED candle light bulbs (Elizabeth) to provide that ultimate warm, cosy glow to your space (see here).

antler lamp

  • Wall Lighting: WayFair’s wall washers offer that perfect blend of faux antlers matched with soft diffused lamps (see here). This creates a subtle, alternative look if the statement antler chandelier doesn’t appeal.


joseph led filament gls light bulb bright goods

  • Pair these antler wall lights with our GLS range of filament LED light bulbs to achieve an atmospheric mood to the room (see here).
  • WayFair have plenty of other antler lamp pieces including table lamps and smaller chandeliers – definitely worth a look!
  • As this room is quite contemporary and has a shabby chic feel to it, the lighting should reflect this also (although, there is no harm adding a bit of glamour with a vintage, statement light).
  • A classic chandelier that will accompany this room is a simple, yet elaborate in appearance, candle chandelier.

candle chandelier

  • Recommendations: WayFair again have some beautiful chandeliers and this Aegon 5 Light Candle Chandelier is perfect (see here). Its polished, modern style with elegant twisted detail combines country with contemporary.

elizabeth bright goods led filament light bulb candle

  • Add a touch of class by using LED filament candle light bulbs – which resemble those traditional filament bulbs – but provide greater energy savings coupled with that extra warm glow. Our Elizabeth LED filament bulbs provide the perfect mood to your room (see here).
Wall Décor 
  • There are some great American websites that sell cabin accessories which really evoke that country theme (such as Kirklands).
  •  Recommendations: A lovely online shop called The Country Home offers some great vintage, country-themed items to accessorise your house.
  • No room is complete with out decoration – and there is good news for room styles like this, there are plenty of shabby chic, vintage decorations available on the market, at decent prices too.

blue jug

  • Recommendations: The Country Home gets another vote here. Check out their Rustic Turquoise Jugs (see here) which offer that perfect country appeal and match the blue décor above.
  • A white shabby chic mirror will complement this room setting perfectly. Pick a tall mirror that will reflect your surroundings – giving the illusion that your room is double the size!  This ornate mirror from Live Laugh Love is perfect (see here).


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